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27th Jul 2020

TCA Ep711: The Legend of Bobby Margarita With TSN's Bob McKenzie

Welcome in to episode 711 of the Tall Can Audio podcast! We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome the legendary Bob McKenzie - TSN's Hockey Insider - to the show. Please consider leaving a rating and a review right there on your podcast app. You can hear Bob discuss CBAs, Return To Plays, trade rumours and these sorts of things anywhere as Bob is omni-present across the TSN Network bringing reliable hockey info to you. So we wanted to take a deep dive with Bob on things he doesn't get to talk about as often. And as long time listeners would expect, we had to ask this industry giant if he's a craft beer guy. I mean, that's what we do here! Also on the agenda today: the rivalry between TSN and Sportsnet and whether that's created issues at home with a son working for the competition, the legend of Bobby Margarita and how the world's most connected Hockey Insider manages to disappear in the summer months and change in to his alternate persona, what cottage life and vacation mode Bob is all about, the parts of his gig that he most loves and hates, whether the job leaves you as less of a fan of the game itself while you're forced to cover it as a business, people like Steve Dangle, Jay and Dan and others changing the medium a bit and what he thinks of bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters trying to break in to the industry, his part in growing the World Juniors in to an absolute monster on TSN and which mobile devices are best for staying connected as the ultimate industry go-to. All that plus so much more as the Bobfather couldn't have been more generous with his time. This is a can't miss episode of Tall Can Audio so make sure you hit Subscribe/Follow on whatever app your'e listening on. And hey - give us a follow on Twitter & Instagram @TallCanAudio
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