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24th Jul 2020

TCA Ep710: You're Licking It & You're Gross

It's our last pre-Bobfather show. Let's goooo. The Athletic recently released a list of their writers most loved and most hated arenas from a media perspective and the boys obviously had opinions. Later on, a debate rages on in small town Peterborough as to whether or not it's time to replace the ancient Memorial Centre with a brand new rink. The question must be asked - are we losing something as we slowly eliminate all these old barns or is it dumb to stand in the way of progress? Junior hockey has always held a special place for Canadian sports fans and it was always tied to the local rink. And finally, that discussion dove tails nicely in to a more general talk of great spots - big and small - to see a rock concert or enjoy other great experiences. Always time for more pub talk and this episode couldn't be any more of that as we are all over the map. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @TallCanAudio
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