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5th Oct 2022

TCA Ep1021: Andrew Stoeten Of The BatFlip.ca On The Toronto Blue Jays vs Seattle Mariners MLB Wild Card Series

The matchup is set. The Toronto Blue Jays will face the Seattle Mariners this weekend in the MLB Wild Card Series. We reached out to Andrew Stoeten to break it all down for us.

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Lots to get to with Stoeten including how the Jays will set up their pitching, what the Mariners can be expected to throw at us, where Toronto might have an edge and where they could be outdone, which injured players are likely to make it on to the playoff roster and so much more.

Make sure you check out Stoeten’s work at www.thebatflip.ca and listen to his podcast - Blue Jays Happy Hour - wherever you get your on demand audio.

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