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29th Mar 2021

TCA Ep809: Sens DJ

Welcome inside an all new episode of the Tall Can Audio podcast as today we're joined by the in-house DJ for the Ottawa Senators - Alex Marchand.

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Getting Alex on the show started with an exchange on Twitter so we start things off with that topic - Matt's begrudging preference for the in-game experience at Ottawa Senators games over that of his own beloved Maple Leafs.

Our conversation also covers how Alex managed to get the gig, the extra work load that's been thrust on him and his crew at Canadian Tire Centre with the Belleville Senators moving in for the season, his philosophy behind spitting out a great playlist for the night, whether he'd rather see each player have individual goal songs or stick with the current "one team - one song" approach most teams employ, how he handles nights when the building might be half full of Leafs or Habs fans and so much more.

Alex was a terrific guest and we were thrilled he made some time for us. He's a great follow on social media for any Sens fan. Find him @SensDJ.

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