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2nd Mar 2021

TCA Ep797: Lagers, Leafs & Leaving Pandemia with Dr Vicky Forster

On today's show we are stoked to welcome Dr Vicky Forster to discuss some hockey and answer Matt's idiot pandemic questions over a pint or two.

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We kick things off by running through Vicky's background and how this English-born academic found herself sampling Ontario craft beers during hockey games in the middle of a Canadian winter.

Later on talk turns to embracing the National sport and how it helped with fitting in to a new home, her first attempts at skating and whether or not she knew the heartbreak that would come with joining Leafs Nation. And of course we take some time to look at this year's team and how things are going so far in the North Division.

And finally Matt has a chance to ask the questions that are on many of our minds about our current situation as it pertains to the pandemic, how we got here and whether it was avoidable in this country, whether there's any reason at all for hesitation about the vaccines rolling out, whether we're facing one more brutal spike and accompanying lockdown, her level of optimism that the end could really be in sight and tons more.

It was great to have a chance to speak to someone who has a great handle on what's real and what's junk science and have her put it in to proper contexts and a language we can all understand and it makes this a can't miss episode of the show.

Here’s the link to the story Vicky referenced towards the end of the show for those interested.


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