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21st Nov 2020

TCA Ep757 We The Florth

On a rare Saturday night edition of the podcast Matt is joined by Matty Laing for some basketball talk and a pint or two.

On the show tonight: Matty reminisces about his one and only Grey Cup week and the origin of the Double Bluechadore.

Later on talk turns to Fred VanVleet agreeing to a new deal with the Raptors, how the team has ended up in a situation to be playing home games in Tampa, where Toronto's early off season moves have left them in a competitive Eastern Conference, who else across the NBA and lots more.

Got a little hitch in your giddy-up? If you're in the Toronto area check out Matty's awesome team at Foundation Physiotherapy.

Follow Matty's sports injury blog on Instagram @MattDoesPhysio and follow him on Twitter @matthewlaing.

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