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12th Jun 2017

Tall Can Sports Ep142: Don't Suck

On the eve of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs the guys give quick updated predictions and then get in to the real meat of the issue. The media is up in arms because PK Subban didn't speak to the media before the game. Did he need to? Is this just the media bitching? Did the Preds break league rules? Matt and Rob have had differing opinions for a long time on how important it is to have stars speak to the media in a changing social media climate and here is the latest explosion of the issue.

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TCA 1000!

Don’t forget that the thousandth episode of Tall Can Audio podcast will drop Monday August 8th. Matty Laing, Michaela Schreiter, Rob Christy and Matt Robinson will all be in the TCA Studio together for the very first time. Don’t miss it!

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