Unforced Errors 37: Triple Threat

Who is going to win a hypothetical ridiculous fight between MMA champ Connor MCGregor, boxing legend Mike Tyson and .... wrestler and actor the Rock?


Later on, we get more craziness in from Gary's World as he starts renaming buildings he doesn't own. 


And lastly, did Mike Babcock see the sinking of the Red Wings before the rest of us and get off a sinking ship?


Some interesting stuff on the penultimate night of 2016.

Unforced Errors 11: Lefty Loosey

Hello, World!

Taking a few minutes to discuss a fairly lopsided poll asking the question "Is Erik Karlsson the best defenseman in the NHL?

Once again Team Canada makes a personnel decision on their back hand that clearly stems from Mike Babcock's belief that you need equal numbers of left-handed and right-handed defenders. Is it over blown?

And just how many teams will actually have their training camps disrupted by the upcoming World Cuup?