Unforced Erros 41: New

Did we just witness the relaunch of the Battle of Ontario? The Maple Leafs defeat the Senators by a score of 4-2 in a big regular season tilt.  Matt fills you in on where some of the rookies are at and how the playoff drive looks to be shaping up for Big Blue. 


Unforced Errors 37: Triple Threat

Who is going to win a hypothetical ridiculous fight between MMA champ Connor MCGregor, boxing legend Mike Tyson and .... wrestler and actor the Rock?


Later on, we get more craziness in from Gary's World as he starts renaming buildings he doesn't own. 


And lastly, did Mike Babcock see the sinking of the Red Wings before the rest of us and get off a sinking ship?


Some interesting stuff on the penultimate night of 2016.

Unforced Errors 26: Bo Knows Overthrows

Some fall out from the 2016 Grey Cup.  Did Bo Levi Mitchell hurt his reputation with some of his on field antics during the game? Is the Henry Burris vs the World narrative an overblown media creation? Did the MVP award go to the wrong person?  And a few other little things coming out of one of the greatest football games you'll ever get to see.