Tall Can Sports 361: Solo Sid

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On the show today, Matt and Matty discuss some of the more interesting happenings from Week 5 in the NFL including another Patriots beatdown, some devastating injuries and the idea of multiple 0 and 16 seasons.

Later on, the Pittsburgh Penguins suffered a huge loss as Gino Malkin suffered a rough looking lower body injury. How equip at this stage in his career is Sidney Crosby to carry the mail by himself and guide this team to the playoffs?

The Blue Jays have started hinting at the idea that they may look for some pitching help this off season to make them competitive in 2020. Is there any chance at all that this is realistic or are the Jays still a few years away?

and finally, what do the guys think about the Leafs mixed bag of a start? Who has surprised and who looks prime for a big season?

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