Tall Can Sports 346: 1 Is The Loneliest Number

It's time for another all new edition of the TCS podcast with Rob and Matt.

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On the show today: Roberto Luongo will become the first ever Florida Panther to have his number retired. Has he earned it and is Lu the best goalie to never win the Stanley Cup?

Later on, Blue Jays fans once again feel like they've been screwed by the team - but is their disappointment warranted or purely the complaints of an angry mob who think they know better than the coaches running the squad?

Last weekend saw a huge moment in Canadian tennis ruined by an injury. Does it take anything away from Bianca's big day or is she full value? And how come tennis continues to treat women as less than men despite some of it's biggest stars being ladies?

And to rap things up - A-ROD says he had 500 grand worth of stuff stolen from a rental car and is Mitch Marner about to direct all the remaining RFAs off a cliff with him?

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