Tall Can Sports 344: A Distaste For Willy

Welcome back to an all new episode of the Tall Can Sports podcast. On the show today the guys discuss one of the biggest loop holes in the NHL CBA and how the two teams in Ontario are the poster children for it. Will it be enough to cause another lockout?

Later on, William Nylander has decided to change his number to 88 - the same number that Pastrnak, Kane, Burns and many others wear around the league and for some reason many lost their minds. Willy is far from then first guy to wear a famous number - should we care? Are these numbers to be honoured or is it just something to fight over in the summer?

And finally, a debate over how important a moment has to be outside your country for it to be counted as your nation's top sports moment ever. Sidney Crosby's Golden Goal at the Olympics was gigantic in Canada but most of the world doesn't care about hockey. Whereas having our guy win the 100m dash is something the whole world recognizes? How do we rank these moments? Should it matter?

All this and more on a brand new edition of the show.

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