Tall Can Sports 341: Quarter To Nine With Steve Warne

On a fantastic episode of the Tall Can Sports podcast Matt and Rob are joined by Steve Warne of the Steve Warne Project podcast - formerly of TSN 1200 in Ottawa.

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On today's show the guys ask Steve about his career and journey to his legendary status as one of the country's lead sports broadcasters.

As always, the guys are happy to be trying new craft beers on the show and today is all about the IPAs so the boys compare their notes on what their drinking lately.

As the conversation rolls on the boys discuss Steve's new adventure in podcasting, why the stance ESPN has taken on politics is unlikely to work, the huge set of balls our friend Scott MacArthur has shown with his recent announcement, how to balance real life feelings and politics with listeners' desire to just get their sports and jokes, the city of Calgary caving in and giving the Flames their arena, whether or not this will have any impact on the city of Ottawa and their chase for a downtown building, the idea that this year's roster will be any sort of indication on the future success of the Ottawa Senators and whether or not we should expect to see Mitch Marner on the Leafs opening night roster.

Our guest - Steve Warne of the Steve Warne Project is a terrific broadcaster and we were stoked to get his opinion on so many of these subjects.

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