Tall Can Sports 338: On Returns, Departures and Stand-Offs

The TCA Studio is abuzz with action once again as the guys return to deliver an all new episode of TCS.

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Matt and Matty are on the mic today covering some of the huge comings and goings that have taken place since the studio shut down for a brief vacation.

On the agenda; how Matty celebrated the Raptors NBA Championship victory, Kawhi's departure and whether Toronto was ever close to keeping him, other huge NBA stars moving around and changing the balance of power in the league, Matt's thoughts on our friend Amy Burk's performance at a recent Paralympic Qualifier that he attended to watch her, Mitch Marner remains unsigned despite the dozens of reports an offer sheet was coming and Nazem Kadri's legacy in Toronto after being dealt away from the Leafs.

Tons to cover today so lets get after it on an all new episode of Tall Can Sports

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