Tall Can Sports 333: Without You

It's time for another new edition of the Tall Can Sports podcast with Matt and Rob.

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On the show today; the guys try some more new beers (go figure), thoughts on the end of the Stanley Cup Final and it's aftermath, will this be another series that causes the copy cap NHL to lose it's mind and direction again? Has the idea of playing through injuries gotten to the point of ridiculousness? Is your bravery masked by your inability to still play? With the NHL awards just days away the guys kick around their predictions for each one. And finally, in the wake of the Raptors winning the NBA Title the fact that many fans are no longer able to enjoy anything in the moment is once again on display. Has the Raptors window now closed? Can the Leafs learn anything from this?

All that and lots more on the podcast so please join us and let us know what you think.

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