Tall Can Sports 299: Keeping Pace

Welcome to an all new week and an all new episode of Tall Can Sports with Matt and Matty.

Up first on the show, the guys discuss an up and down weekend for the Maple Leafs after they win a game they could have lost in Montreal and lose a game they should have won in New York. Is it fair for fans to be upset or are LeafsNation overreacting? Is Sparks the worst or is it just one of those nights?

After that, the NBA trade deadline came and went and the Raptors were active adding a huge piece as they commit to going for it this year. Is Gasol the type of guy that helps them clear the East or is age and injury history the real story here? Is there a risk that Toronto may never establish any chemistry with all these moves and injuries?

Matty also gives his thoughts on the other big moves around the Association on deadline day including huge trades by the Knicks, 76ers, Bucks and more.

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