Tall Can Sports 298: Big Boy Teams Do Big Boy Things

Rob finally makes his return to the podcast and there's lots to get caught up on.

The guys take one final look back at the Super Bowl and how the Patriots were once again able to get the job done in a type of game literally no one could have predicted.

Following that, conversation turns to the mess in Ottawa and what the Senators are going to do with their 3 big free agents. Is the best course of action to try to re-sign each of them, or is the better approach to go scorched earth and be done with them all?

And finally, talk gets to the biggest sports story of the day. The Toronto Maple Leafs reach a landmark contract agreement with their superstar centre Auston Matthews. Despite locking up the best scorer the team has had in a generation, many of the fans are unhappy with the deal. What's the potential downfall of the deal and why did it still make sense to get done for both sides?

All this and tons more on an all new episode of the Tall Can Sports podcast.

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