Tall Can Sports 293: Skip The Apology

The boys are back with another all new episode of the Tall Can Sports podcast.

As is often the case, the show kicks off with some craft beer talk. As they get down to business Rob tries to stump Matt on some good old hockey trivia but he's far too brilliant and smacks it out of the park.

The guys give some final thoughts on the World Juniors including a Russian kid who pissed off the crowd, apologized, went back to pissing off the crowd again intentionally only to follow it up with another apology. Did the best team win? How will this edition of the event be remembered?

Coming out of the end of the tournament, the IIHF made major news by suggesting that they may be interested in playing more of their future tournaments on NHL sized ice instead of the Olympic standard. Is it a good move? What does it mean for future competitions?

Once again, the Oilers and their awful GM are on the hot seat as they make a series of pointless moves including bringing in the enemy of their captain and best player. WTF are they thinking out there?

And Rob goes off on a tangent regarding Mitch Marner and how the Leafs are not going to be able to afford him and of course Matt disagrees. It's an interesting little low-key rumble.

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