Tall Can Sports 292: Snubbed

We keep churning out the greatness for you as we drop an all new episode of Tall Can Sports.

On the agenda for your Monday morning, which NHL stars didn't receive invites to the NHL All Star Game and does it really even matter? The guys throw down their ideas for making the event even better with just a few easy changes.

Alex Ovechkin has advised the league he won't be attending and the league has advised him that he will be suspended. But he gets to pick for which game. Is this freakin' crazy? Is it even fair to suspend him given how many of these he's gone to? And is his skipping the event a way to stick it to the league for not allowing him to go to the Olympics last year?

The Toronto Raptors played one of the biggest games on their schedule recently as they visited DDR in his new home in San Antonio. It didn't go well for Toronto. After watching DeMar go off for a career best, does the move still make sense in hindsight and does it mean anything to the Raptors season?

And finally, the boys give their thoughts on the fact that the Toronto Blue Jays will be paying their former star shortstop $20million to play for the richest team in baseball.

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