Tall Can Sports 285: My Willy's Extended

On an all new episode of Tall Can Sports the guys are back with tons of hockey across Ontario to cover.

Up first. The Nylander saga finally came to an end at 4:55pm on Saturday as the talented winger signed a 6 year deal with the Leafs. How did we get here and which side cracked? What does this addition mean for the Leafs Stanley Cup chances and does it put the pressure on them to win it all this season?

On Saturday afternoon Erik Karlsson made is return to the nation's capital and it wasn't all warm and fuzzies. How did we end up at the point where he was the hero driven out by evil ownership to the story this week of him being a problem in the locker room? How was he received by the fans upon his arrival and are Senators fans simply playing the part of spurned lovers in how their handling it all?

And because not a week goes by where the Senators aren't shooting themselves in the foot, their multi billion dollar deal to move downtown is in jeopardy as Eugene Melnyk is suing his supposed partner. But is he in the right this time? Is there a play here to drive him out of town?

Tons of news made this week by Ontario's NHL teams. Get caught up on all of it here.

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