Tall Can Sports 277: One Night In Toronto

We're joined once again by Matty Laing for a late night edition of the podcast talking about Toronto's two hottest teams.

Up first, Matty was at tonight's game against the Timberwolves and gives his feedback on the 5 and 0 start that the Raptors have gotten out to. Tied for the best start in franchise history - is it a mirage or is what we've seen so far legit? How is this team different from the ones we've seen in recent seasons and should we be excited about the new coach yet?

Later on, Matty admits to checking in on his old arch enemy - now coaching the Detroit Pistons. We've all been there right? You know you shouldn't but you feel you need to check your ex's Facebook and see if they're happy without you?

Later on, talk turns to the Maple Leafs following their 4-2 victory in Winnipeg. Was this win the statement game the team was hoping for? Has the media totally lost it when it comes to covering the Nylander negotiations? And has Freddie avoided his usual October slump or has it simply been masked by the hot start of the forwards?

The Leafs and Raptors are off to great starts and theres tons of excitement around MLSE. The boys help you to hone in on what's real and what's fantasy after a hot couple weeks.

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