Tall Can Sports 275: Yeah I Have

On Tall Can Sports 275, the guys kick off the show discussing a recent quote by Auston Matthews that has the media all in a tizzy. You'd think while tearing the league apart on the ice that would the the story, but apparently it's off the ice quotes that we are all supposed to focus on.

Later on, Lars Eller had some less than complementary things to say about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Was there anything to it, or is it just a symptom of the NHL being sick of hearing about Toronto?

The Los Angeles Kings recently passed through Ottawa and Toronto and were soundly beaten on both occasions. The guys go in depth on their roster and break down whether they can still hang, if their game is still better suited to the west or if they're just washed up and done.

From there, conversation turns to the brutal play by Mike Matheson of the Florida Panthers on Elias Pettersson of the Vancouver Canucks. Was the 2 game suspension warranted or has the sport gotten too soft? Is this an example of the league treating stars differently and should it matter that the injured player was a teenager?

And finally, neither of the boys has been paying particularly close attention to the MLB Playoffs. What's happened? Is it uninteresting matchups or has something bigger gripped the game?

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