Tall Can Sports 273: My Beard Tastes Like Your Ass

Welcome back to the Tall Can Sports podcast with Matt and Rob.

Up first on the show, Rob takes this opportunity to crap all over a Canadian sporting legend and tell you why he doesn't belong in his sports' hall of fame.

Later on, the guys debate whether or not the Blackhawks would be better off trading in one of their Stanley Cups in favour of a Get Out Of Cap Hell Free card now. Do you want the glory? and the whopping bill that comes with it? Are there lessons to be learned by the Leafs?

After that, the National League has a fascinating race going on this year for the Cy Young Award. Do wins matter or should you be able to win even if your team is total ass? The guys kick around some of the similarities to McDavid last year.

And finally, in the event your team isn't playing tonight - which NHL teams are shaping up to be the most watchable and which games have become can't miss? On the opposite end of the scale, who are the least entertaining NHL squads that you couldn't be paid to watch?

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