Tall Can Sports 272: Sharks, Sharts and Wild Cards

With our divisional previews in the rear view, it's time to get back to the normal pace of Tall Can Sports.

The guys start things off discussing the craziness around the last few days in MLB. We've had one game tie breakers, one game wild cards, extra innings and all sorts of action. But Rob wonders if it isn't a bit too much? Would we better off with the old 2 teams per league system. That and other thoughts on MLB playoffs.

Later on, the guys dive in to the first night of NHL action which had no shortage of storylines. The Champs punched out the Bruins causing one of them to lose it and embarrass himself, the Canucks make an opening night statement against the Flames, Karlsson looks rough in his Sharks debut and the Leafs are dominated at home and win anyway. What stood out?

Rob's buddy, Tom Wilson, is at it again caving people's heads in. The league comes down on him with a 20 game suspension. Fair?

And the Canucks and Jets are in the middle of a war of words over ... video games? Is it possible that Patrick Laine is more vicious off the ice than he is on it?

All this and tons more on a jam packed episode of TCS.

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