Tall Can Sports 271: 2018/19 NHL Atlantic Division Preview

On Tall Can Sports 271, the guys complete their journey across the league and land back home in the Atlantic.

It's truly a division of haves and have-nots as Rob mourns the destruction of his lowly Senators and Matt is giddy with anticipation over his mighty Maple Leafs.

Lots to get to here. After a summer of distraction, does Rob believe that the Senators are truly as bad as many are predicting? Can Carey Price carry the young Canadiens to the playoffs on his own? How do the guys see the 3 monsters up top shaking out and is there a team who might sneak in to that group? And what is to be made of the Buffalo Sabres after a first overall pick and a summer of trades?

We are just one day from the start of the NHL season and we've got just one division left to talk about. Check it out here.

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