Tall Can Sports 267: Serena's Meltdown

Welcome back to the latest episode of Tall Can Sports with Matt and Rob.

Up first the guys kick around the shocking resignation of Steve Yzerman from the Tampa Bay Lightning. He says it was for family reasons, but is there more to the story?

Henrik Zetterberg of the Red Wings has been placed on LTIR by the Red Wings.... in a pretty clear case of cap circumvention. Just how bad is this career ending "injury"?

The Dallas Stars have re-upped their young star centre. Matt explains why the new contract might be a problem in the dressing room.

And finally, the biggest story of the week. Serena Williams had a major meltdown in the finals of the US Open. Were her claims of sexism and prejudice legit or did she simply flip out after being beaten by an inferior player?

All that and more on TCS267.

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