Tall Can Sports 265: Melnyk's Video

Welcome back to Tall Can Sports with Matt and Rob for another week. Tons to get to on this one so let's not waste any time.

This week the idiot owner of the Ottawa Senators was at it again, this time putting out a video meant to spark the fan base. Did it work?

It did not. Matt and Rob rip this thing apart piece by piece and savagely shred it. What was the point? What were the major problems? Why did one of the team's players have to be sacrificed to get it done?

After that, the guys get in to the Montreal / Vegas trade that saw Max Pacioretty finally moved from the Habs. But it's a bit of an awkward deal that doesn't appear on the surface to really fit either team. Did anyone manage to win the deal?

New York and Boston were furious with MLB for allowing Cleveland to trade for Josh Donaldson was it was clear he wasn't healthy enough to play. Do they have a case?

And finally, two of the Blue Jays one-time young stud pitchers have had disastrous seasons. Is it time to look at moving Stroman and Sanchez or is it too soon? The guys argue the idea.

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