Tall Can Spors 264: Pushed Down

Rob returns to the co hosts chair on Tall Can Sports 264.

On the show today.  The guys give their level of interest as the NFL season kicks off.

Max Pacioretty is still in Montreal despite the Habs attempts to trade him. Should the C be taken off his sweater before the season starts?

Erik Karlsson is still in Ottawa as camp looms. Is this the worst case scenario for the team and is it possible he's not as beloved in the locker room as he is in the stands?

William Nylander remains unsigned in Toronto.  Is he likely to miss the start of camp? And why Kyle Dubas absolutely can't afford to back down in these negotiations.

The Winnipeg Jets lock up their captain to a long term deal.  But is it a disaster?

Blue Jays management tell a whopper of a lie regarding their top prospect.

And the Boston Bruins have a wickedly unhappy forward in their midst as they kick off their season.

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