Tall Can Sports 261: The Code

On episode 261 of Tall Can Sports the guys wanna talk about the less quantifiable parts of sport. 

Up first, we recently saw pitcher throw at a rookie hitter just cuz the hitter was torching his team.  Apparently this is part of some kind of secret Code that no one has ever seen a copy of.  Does it really just give pro athletes a built in excuse when they get all pissy pants and flip out?

Later on, one of the most common things you hear talked about in the NHL is referees evening up calls or “putting the whistle away”.  It’s been around forever.  Should we be cool with it or is it time to actually appreciate the fact that the best team is probably the one who can win a game inside the rules of said game without counting on some official to look the other way?

We’re talking about the heart of the game today.  Join us.

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