Tall Can Sports 256: The Intersection of OHL Hockey & The Simpsons Fandom

On the heels of another terrific summer long weekend, we're back to help you kick off your work week with a brand new episode of Tall Can Sports with Matt being joined on the show by Steve McLean of the OHL Fanboys Podcast.

Steve has been a TCA backer since the days we got started and the show kicks off with talk of a mutual friend who has been a great benefit to both podcasts over the years. 

Also addressed on this episode is how Steve got his show up and running, the moving target that is his long term junior hockey fandom, some of the amazing travel he's been able to do thanks to his show and his passion for the game, a few disasters that he's faced along the way and we even had to take some time at the end to talk about a passion the guys share for The Simpsons.

Steve is a great guy with a terrific podcast and a ton of knowledge.  His support for what we do here has also been unrelenting since we got up and running.  It was about time we managed to find a way to get him here on Tall Can Sports. 

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