Tall Can Sports 254: Matt's Jerseys and Jorts

Summer rolls along but the guys can't help themselves.  It's time for more hockey talk!

But first. Somehow the guys end up engaged in a discussion about whether or not it's still okay to use the term "wife beater" and then, strangely enough, whether or not Matt has the societal pull to bring back jorts.

Later on, the boys debate which Canadian NHL teams have the most fans across the country.  Far more interestingly, which Canadian teams are most hated?  Toronto and Montreal would both seem to rate high on both lists but things get real interesting after that. 

Rob has come armed with a list of NHL players that have had their number retired in more than one NHL city. Matt is caught wickedly off guard but does his best to take a stab. Can you name them all?

And finally, talk turns to team uniforms. the Anaheim Ducks have unveiled their 25th anniversary jersey and, like most things, it's been met with horribly split opinions. And the Ottawa Senators have put out feelers to their season ticket holders on what changes they should make to their sweater. Does it matter or is it all irrelevant until they change owners first?

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