Tall Can Sports 251: Maximum Damage

It's time to kick off a new week and as per usual Matt and Rob are with you on your Monday morning to kick around all the latest in the world of sport.

Up first, just before the mics were turned on, the NHL announced that Jacob Trouba had his arbitration amount handed down.  The guys give you the number and actually don't agree on whether or not it's fair value.  Who else is in his new financial bracket and why do the boys feel differently about it?

After that, Josh Hader of the Milwaukee Brewers found himself in hot water this week at the MLB All Star Game when some old tweets became public that did not paint him a great light.  Upon returning back to Milwaukee, fans greeted him with a standing ovation.  It was a strange moment that left people scratching their heads on what fans in Wisconsin were cheering about.  Should Hader be held to a better standard considering everything that's going on in society right now or are people being overly hard on someone who said something stupid as a teenager?

And then, Tiger Woods also found himself in the eye of a PR storm as he apparently brushed off some kids seeking autographs.  Should athletes be expected to oblige or is it unreasonable to ask them for their time before they get to work?

And lastly. Sportsnet released a list of the biggest acquisitions in Toronto sports history. There's big moves by the Leafs, Blue Jays, Argos, Raptors and even TFC.  How do they stack up and how many can Rob guess?

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