Tall Can Sports 249: Kawhi to TO - TO to the CFL

On an all new episode of TCS, the boys have a ton to cover on the slowest sports day of the year in North American sports. 

Up first, former Ottawa Senators goaltender Ray Emery passes away at the age of 35.  The guys look back at some of the most fun memories of one of the league's biggest personalities. How did we get here and are there lessons to be learned from this sad story?

Following that, we're joined by our NBA expert Matty Laing to discuss the Toronto Raptors huge move as they trade possibly the best player in franchise history to bring in a controversial figure who, if healthy, could be a top 5 player in the league right now. Is this a good day for a Toronto team who has been beating their head against the wall for a couple years now? Are fans right to be upset after seeing a guy who loved the city shipped out of town?

And then, the guys touch briefly on the Columbus Blue Jackets and whether or not they are about to lose their biggest scorer over the fact that no one in the city speaks Russian.

Also on this edition, Terrell Owens has triggered a stand off with the Edmonton Eskimos that has forced them to make a contract offer to the 44 year old retired receiver... or let him walk, likely to a different CFL team.  What's going on here? Does this guy seriously want to play in Canada or is this a strange publicity stunt? Where else might he fit in the league?

And finally, is there untying to worry about inside RNation as the REDBLACKS sit at 2 and 2 after 5 weeks in the CFL. Did their QB make an ass of himself with his half hearted stand after their most recent loss?

For supposedly the slowest day in North American sport, there sure is a lot on the agenda.  Buckel up and join us for some summer sports talk. 

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