Tall Can Sports 248: Lebron Leaves Home - Tavares Comes Home

Welcome back to your Monday morning episode of Tall Can Sports, this week with Matty Laing. 

The guys start things off discussing the horrendous performance of the Toronto Blue Jays of late.  And more importantly, how they're likely to handle the impending return of star closer Roberto Osuna.  Is there any chance he pitches for the Jays again or might their corporate overlords - Rogers - make that decision for them?

Speaking of corporate overlords, Matty addresses the move Lebron James has made to the LA Lakers and what the motivations might have been.  Given his road to a championship just got immeasurably more difficult, was this move more about business than sport? Is he more interested in glitz and glamour than winning titles? What does this mean for the rest of the Western Conference in the NBA?

And speaking of business and sport, the guys talk about John Tavares merging his brand to the Maple Leafs brand like Lebron is doing with the Lakers.  What are Matty's thoughts on Tavares finally being the Ontario kid to come home after so many before him passed? What does the move mean for the rest of the league and did Mike Babcock actually foreshadow this the day he high profile coach landed in Toronto?

All this and lots more as we kick off another week with you with tons of great sports talk. 

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