Tall Can Sports 245: The Mother Fuckin' John Tavares Show


That's a thing that happened!

Matt and Rob totally ignore the rest of NHL Free Agency to go deep on the biggest story of the weekend.  

How did the guys find out and what was their immediate reaction? Are Islanders fans right to be so mad at Tavares or would it be more logical to point at New York management? How did the boys end up so far off course with their predictions on where he might go? Were there better fits? Did #91's salary set the Leafs up for long term success and were there better money options out there for him? Will Toronto be able to hold on to their young group or does this mean someone has to go? And how has the balance of power shifted in the East? Which teams, iff any, can match the Maple Leafs' centre depth?

There's just so much to get to on this one and you can join in whether you're annoyed like Rob or celebrating like Matt.

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