Tall Can Sports 237: Running Up The Score

Welcome to an all new episode of Tall Can Sports with Matt and Rob back in studio. 

The boys kick off the show by making a big announcement regarding an upcoming episode and a very cool guest. 

Later on, talk turns to the Stanley Cup Final and whether or not the Washington Capitals could be accused of running up the score on Vegas and, if so, if there is anything wrong with that in a series with so much on the line. 

Also on this one, somehow Washington has made it this far with their number 1 defence man and their head coach ready to walk at the end of the season. What does that mean for them moving forward?

Oh.  And the President of the United States invited the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House in celebration if their Super Bowl.  The Eagles declined and so the 7 year old President says he never wanted them anywhere.  What's going on with this guy?

That and tons more on this episode of Tall Can Sports. 

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