Tall Can Sports 232: Johnny Manziel vs Howie Mandel

Welcome back to the Tall Can Sports podcast for another week. The guys have returned to the studio to talk all the biggest stories of the week in the world of sports. 

Up first, the Blue Jays have essentially punted on the position of shortstop.  They aren't even carrying one the roster at the moment.  Is this just the way it is for the team with this many injuries or have they made a conscious decision based on the way the game is playing played at this point?

Later on, Canada suffered a rather embarrassing defeat at the World Hockey Championships losing to the Swiss in the semi finals.  Is it simply a lack of top end goaltending that lead to the downfall or was the team poorly constructed from the outset?

Then - one of Canada's greatest ball players ever raised everyone's blood pressure by saying he didn't give a rat's ass about Canadian baseball.  He quickly went on an apology tour but is the cat out of the bag? Is this really how he feels or has he simply put his foot in his mouth?

And lastly, Johnny Manziel has arrived in the Canadian Football League and the predictable media storm wasn't far behind him. Is this good for the league or does it set the CFL back? What are the likely challenges for Johnny Football and the Tiger-Cats in general?

All this and more on today's podcast.  

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