Tall Can Sports 223: Giant John

On this hump day edition of the Tall Can Sports podcast Matt and Rob are discussing the recent Andre the Giant documentary produced for HBO and how a man that size couple possibly live a comfortable life.  Did you know he shit in a bucket on planes because he couldn't fit in the bathrooms?

Later on, this year Sportsnet did not assign any playoff games to broadcasting legend Bob Cole.  Is this the end of the line and was he owed little more in terms of a send off if it was? Can Rob get passed his Leaf hatred to give the man a little credit?

And later on, after weeks of teasing, the boys discuss John Tavares and where he'll be playing his hockey next season. How does a team as bad as the Islanders go 12 years without firing their GM and what impact could it have on their attempts to re-sign their superstar?

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