Tall Can Sports 218: Bring Back The Barons

Happy Easter Monday. 

Are you one of the cool kids listening to us as you sleep in on the 4th day of your extended long weekend? You're a real winner and we love people like you!

Are you one of the losers headed to work on a day where most of your friends are off and you're not sure why your workplace is the only one open? You're a warrior and we love people like you!

The guys kick off the show with some audio of Ronda Rousey making a total fool of herself on her WrestleMania press tour.  Believe it or not, she thinks she's being asked about travelling back in time. 

Up next. The Vegas Golden Knights have come up with something awesome called the Knight's Vow. This ticket sales promotion is designed to drastically restrict their own fans' ability to resell tickets - but they get something awesome in return. 

Later on, there's a chance we could be staring down something super unique in the NHL. Is an expansion team about to face off with the worst team in the league from a year ago in the first round of the playoffs? Is this the most unlikely playoff matchup ever?

And finally, the Anaheim Ducks have made a total mockery of the NHL 3 on 3 playoff format by just standing there and waiting for McDavid to leave the ice. Is this exactly what Matt predicted? Have coaches finally found a way to control this format? Is it now just as big of a joke as the shootout?

This and so much more jam packed in to the latest episode of your sports buffet.

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