Tall Can Sports 216: Cherry Bombs

Welcome to episode 216 of the Tall Can Sports podcast.  Rob and Matt are back in studio to discuss all the latest goings on around the Canadian sports scene. 

Up first, Rob deflects some damning numbers regarding his beloved Ottawa Senators and explains how this season has left him too weak to cheer for his team - or even hate on the Leafs. 

Later on, the boys talk about the latest controversy that Don Cherry has stirred up on his last show.  Matt goes off on a bit of a tangent on the constant and repeated venting that people who don't like Grapes do.  There's only one way to get this guy to go away and apparently you're too stupid to realize it....

And finally, the Blue Jays spent the week in Montreal for their annual visit and Matt asks if this little experiment has run it's course and if the Jays should put an end to it. Is it Toronto's responsibility to risk the health of it's players in a dilapidated stadium just so a future competitor can stay on MLB's radar? Or is it all about the all mighty dollar?

Lots to get to so join the boys on TCS216.

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