Tall Can Sports 212: A Boat Load Of Nerve

Well it's been a long time running, a long time coming... but it's well worth the wait. 

We've reached the end of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Korea.  And so we're joined by our Olympic co-host, 3 time Canadian Paralympian Amy Burk. 

Amy takes us inside the Gold Medal Men's Hockey Game to give her insights on exactly when the pressure shifts from the underdog to the favourite in a situation like that. And how the Germans tried to approach a situation like this. 

Of course, Amy holds Matt's feet to the fire on whether or not Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue skating to the Tragically Hip's Long Time Running was enough to break him and induce tears.

Later on, Matt and Amy discuss the final few days of the Games and the last couple of Canadian stand out performances in the Big Air, Figure Skating and bobsleigh competitions. 

And of course, they take a look at the Games as a whole as we wrapped things up. Despite our signature sports not delivery like we would have predicted, will this be a fondly remembered Olympics for Canadians? Does the final medal talley stand up to the rest of the world? And what's left to think about the clearly still doping Russians after an Olympics designed to teach them a lesson?

It's been a great two weeks of sport and we thank our own stand out amateur athlete for giving up her time and behind the scenes knowledge to us and to you.  It was a pleasure having Amy onboard as our Olympic expert and we're sure she'll be back. 

We hope you enjoyed the Olympics and our bonus Olympic shows.  

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