Tall Can Sports 206: More Crotch Shots

Welcome back, TCA-holes! 

On this episode of the podcast, Matt and Rob give some thoughts on the first couple days of the Olympic Games in Korea. Has the time zone challenge taken some of the buzz out of it? And thoughts on what happened at the Men's Slope Style final. 

Later on, it was a rough weekend for the Senators and a loss to rival Toronto was only the third most embarrassing event in that span. Why does this team continue to bleed executives and how does the GM of a last place team get a multi year extension?

Of course the guys give their thoughts on Erik Karlsson and the most recent encounter in the battle of Ontario as the Leafs trounced Ottawa. 

And finally, are the Boston Bruins about to get hosed by the league thanks to this playoff format? It sure looks like it and the boys explain how. 

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