Tall Can Sports 203: Racist For A Year

Rob & Matt are back in studio to cover all the latest in the world of sports. 

On this one Matt fails at trivia, the guys kick around the Super Bowl matchup set for Sunday, wonder if the by week is giving people too much time to poke holes in the clearly superior Patriots and much more. 

Later on, Matt thinks there is a chance the XFL could actually be successful this time around.  What's different now than the last time they tried this thing and what do they need to do differently?

And finally, the Cleveland Indians have decided to do away with a logo many feel is racist.... in a year. If you've decided you agree something is offensive, is it a good idea to keep it around for a little longer? Or is it just logistics? And if you're going this far, shouldn't you change your name? Which other teams are about to find themselves under the gun?

Tons to cover here, so join us for Tall Can Sports 203.

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