Tall Can Sports 195: Promotion?

On the newest episode of TCS, Matt & Rob are in studio together for the first time in 2018 covering a few things they have missed in the last week or two.

Up first, the Canadian Soccer Association made some surprising changes in terms of firing their National Men's Team Head Coach and replacing him with ... their National Women's Team Head Coach.  Is there some funny business here? Was it the right move to make? And how messed up is it that in 2018 being moved from a 5th place Women's Team to a 94th place Men's Team is still considered a promotion?

Later on, the Captain of the Swedish World Juniors team pitched his silver medal in to the crowd following the championship game. Is it something he's likely to regret later? Or is it something that the people calling him a warrior who hates to lose are more on track with? Or, maybe, is it an emotional 19 year old kid doing something that he probably doesn't regret but probably wishes wasn't on TV?

After giving some other thoughts on the World Juniors, the guys also talk about the Canadian Olympic Men's Hockey team and some of the more interesting selections. And is it possible that the fact that NHL'ers aren't going might actually make the tournament more interesting?

All this and tons more on TCS195.

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