Tall Can Sports 191: Hit The Crab

On TCS191 the boys kick off the conversation with some discussion about the unbelievable finish to the Patriots/Steelers game on Sunday night.  Have we gotten to a point where technology is so good that it's hurting our sports more than helping them?

Later on, we engage in the annual Lou Marsh debate symbolizing Canada's athlete of the year.  Was Joey Votto the correct choice? Could you make a case for Sidney Crosby? Which amateur athletes were in the running? And do we have an anti hockey bias, of all things, in our athlete of the year voting?

And finally, some talk on the sh*t storm created by the owner of the Sens on a weekend where the whole league was watching. What's next for the Senators? Is the team really for sale? Could it move? And how much responsibility do the fans actually carry here?

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