Tall Can Sports 184: #TCAGoesGrey - Red Red Wine With Canadian Paralympian Amy Burk

Welcome back to #TCAGoesGrey Week here on the network, presented by Nita Beer Co.

After making her return to the network a few days ago, Amy Burk is back - this time to talk a little sports. 

Before we getting in to the main topic, Amy explains how she went from being completely disinterested in the CFL to a pretty big fan of the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

But then it's time to get down to business. One year ago as Amy prepared for the Rio 2016 Games, she was caught up like the rest of the world in the Russian doping scandal waiting to find out if she'd have to compete against athletes under heavy suspicion for doping. 

Here we are one year later, and it looks like the shoe could be on the other foot.  While reports that the Russian Federation may be barred from the 2018 Winter Games, it seems like it could actually have a huge impact on several Canadian athletes to the point where the Russians may be able to keep Canadians, Americans and other Europeans from competing too if Russia is banned. 

Confused? So are a lot of people. How does it make sense that a ban of Russia could mean Canadians can't represent their country? Join us as we talk about it with someone who has a unique perspective on the whole thing. 

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