Tall Can Sports 182: #TCAGoesGrey - With Neate Sager of Sportsnet & The SportsLit Podcast

This #TCAGoesGrey Week episode of TCS is presented by Nita Beer Co.  Find them at www.nitabeer.com or at 190 Colonnade Road in Ottawa. 

Pumped to have Neate Sager of Sportsnet and the SportsLid Podcast back on the show for some great CFL talk as we work our way towards the Grey Cup. 

We ask Neate about his new project, the Argos at BMO Experiment, the Eastern and Western Finals, what he expects from the Grey Cup and the rumours about a team moving in to Atlantic Canada. 

Neate is one of our Day One contributors and it was great to catch up with him during #TCAGoesGrey. 

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