Tall Can Sports 177: A World Series of Unfortunate Events

Lots to get to on TCS 177 as it's been a wild week in the world of sports. 

Key players are starting to go down across the CFL as we get down to the most critical part of the season. Is there a chance that Western teams might be more interested in finishing low in the standings to cross over and come through the east? Has Ottawa's luck gotten so bad that they no longer have a chance to advance to a home Grey Cup game?

The 2017 World Series between the Houston Astros and the LA Dodgers kicks off this week.  Who do the boys like and is there a familiar name for Blue Jays fans who may be getting ready to make a major impact?

Later on, lots of hockey talk as goaltending around the league has been disastrous and lead certain teams picked to finish high to be in huge trouble. Also, some conversation on which rookies around the NHL may be hanging around and who is likely to be sent back to Junior. 

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