Tall Can Sports 156: A Puncher's Chance

Matt is back in studio and joined by self proclaimed "Fight Guy" Matty Laing and the guys have a big announcement to make regarding some upcoming special episodes, so stick around until the end. 

Up first, Matty tells us where he was able to run in to Tyler Toffoli and Nelly under the same roof and outlines a rather strange musical festival.

The guys then get in to some discussion on what the Raptors have been up to this season, and maybe more importantly, what the teams around them have done. 

After that, the Blue Jays are clearly done for the season so what approach should they be looking to take with some of their more valuable pieces in the off season? And is management serious about contending in 2018 or is it a ploy to keep season tickets up?

And finally, boxing guru, I guess, Matty breaks down the upcoming Mayweather McGregor fight and whether Conor may have a better shot than some are expecting? How is this likely to end?

And don't forget, stick around until the end of this one for an announcement regarding the future of TCS.

It's a jam packed show, so jump right in.