Tall Can Sports 154: Come For The King

This late July TCS features a not too unexpected mix of hockey and summer sport....

Early on, the boys debate an online poll citing whether or not you'd be better off starting as a GM on a team with great depth but no star or a star but terrible depth - looking at you Edmonton.  It's a trickier concept than you may imagine.

Later on, the guys talk about a report from the CBC indicating that perhaps Canada's next great track star may have some hard feelings with the current Jamaican King. This of course leads in to a discussion of the greatest summer athlete of this generation - and why it's not the guy screwing around in pools with sharks. 

And lastly, some chatter about whether or not the NHL should switch back to having their white uniforms at home and darks on the road. Which teams white sweaters are actually as nice as their coloured? 

Yup. We're in to the dog days. But let's hit it.